Small Chainsaw Sculptures and chainsaw carvings to place on tree stumps are becoming increasingly popular. So too are those sculpted from slices of logs. Most importantly, if you have a tree stump that is not suitable for chainsaw sculpting there are other options.

Therefore, I can provide a suitable size of carving to be placed upon your tree stump, or to decorate a wall. The chainsaw carving would be secured on a screw/nail. Most importantly, if it is placed upon a tree stump then when the stump deteriorates the carving can be placed elsewhere. The wood I use would almost always be either Cedar or Oak.

There are limitations on how large the carving can be. This is due to the weight of the wood, and sometimes the height of the stump,

With small chainsaw sculptures or chainsaw carvings of birds, the bird is placed on the edge of the tree stump. Most importantly, this looks as though it might a bird sitting on the edge of the stump.

If you do not have a stump then I can provide a suitable post for a sculpture to be placed upon. This is always a good option because it can be placed where you want – rather than where the stump is.