I create many privately commissioned chainsaw sculptures for people. Privately commissioned owls (of which there are many) are included under the ‘Just Owls’ section. In this section I have included chainsaw sculptures and chainsaw carvings which are all less than 2 metres high.

There are many variations in what people ask me to create. So my prices do vary according to subject matter, size, and time. I do sometimes have to charge for the cost of sourcing and transporting reasonably sized logs.

If you need to remove a moderately sized tree in your garden you might decide to leave a stump for me to carve. Make sure it is over one metre tall.
I can provide a suitable log to create a chainsaw sculpture less than 2 metres tall if you require.

Most importantly, some of my privately commissioned chainsaw sculptures up to 2 metres high can take a full day to complete.Therefore, I will always let you have a cost in advance.