I get asked to create chainsaw Sculptures over 2 metres high. I can create chainsaw sculptures from large or small tree stumps. There are many variations in what people ask me to create. So my prices do vary according to subject matter, size, and time. I do sometimes have to charge for the cost of me sourcing and transporting a large log.

You might need to remove a large tree in your garden because you want to prevent damage to buildings or people from falling branches. Or you might have a dangerous tree that needs to be felled to create a large stump suitable for carving. Most importantly, I can recommend reasonably priced tree fellers if requested.

A suitable log to create a chainsaw sculptures over 2 metres high can be sourced if you require something that big.

I have low platforms to tackle smaller tree stumps, so I can advise if you need proper scaffolding.
Most importantly, some of my chainsaw sculptures over 2 metres high take a full day to complete, others can take up to three days. Therefore, I will always let you know how long a chainsaw sculpture will take to be sculpted.