Project Description

This chainsaw carving of the ‘Woodland Guardian was created at the Wales Woodfest, 2008, from a large log of Douglas Fir.

On the Thursday evening of arriving at the Woodfest I noticed the sun was setting on a beautiful evening. I wanted to orientate my carving so that he was looking at the setting sun – so he is looking at the horizon at the final point where the sun disappeared.

He is waiting for the sun to set before he takes off. At night, when he is flying around the buyer’s garden or woodland he is protecting it from ne’er-do-wells, villains and thieves.

He has a non-threatening face, and is perhaps thoughtful about life in general but his arms and shoulders give a feeling that he has some physical power. The suggestion of spikes down his spine also give rise to a feeling that he could be threatening to the ‘bad guys’ if he wished. So too his hands and feet – has he got nails, or claws?

He has a large head – this contains a very large brain – which is good, because his eyes are always open. He never sleeps. He will protect your garden and woodland even during the daytime.